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Sunday 13 April 2014
Okay, it's been a while since I last post anything but I'm not yet in the mood to review a product so today I just wanna talk about few things that have been going on with my life recently. hehe

If you're not interested, feel free not to further your reading from this point and do visit again when I post a new entry on product reviews, okay! :D

As you may already know, I'm an architecture student. Sometimes, heck, most of the time I wonder whether this is one thing I want to do for the rest of my life. No, I don't want to talk about heavy stuffs so let's leave it at that, okay? hehehehe

Anyway, finally!! I watched few episodes of 'You Who Came from the Star' starring our beloved Kim Soohyun oppa and beloved unni Gianna Jun. Please, cut me some slack. I've been extremely busy with uni so only now I got to watch that drama. Though I already watched a bit of it while streaming few episodes in my iPhone using DRAMOT app (it's awesome!!! Do check it out!!), watching properly on desktop is something that's just awesome! Okay, okay, I watched few episodes on dad's 60 inches HD Samsung TV before but as I only spent few days at home and S One was running 2 days marathon so yeah it was heaven on earth. But now that I'm in uni and I just got copies from a friend who downloaded the drama off the internet. I promise I'll buy the DVDs later, okay! 

What can I say, I'm head over heels with the drama of course. I love Gianna Jun unnie from Blood the movie so 14 years comeback drama is definitely something I can't missed. Kim Soohyun oppa? Ah, I always wonder when his next drama coming up so this is great. I also heard and seen beauty bloggers were raving about the products used throughout the drama, from beauty products to fashion (oh, I love Kim Soohyun's Nike Air Max and New Balance shoes! Forgive me as I always give attention to what are the items that the male lead used in Korean drama..) and I gotta say it's crazy especially Gianna Jun unnie lipsticks! Even Laneige Malaysia has specifically mentioned that they ordered only 100 of the lipstick that she used in that drama. Was it Neon Orange? Ah, I wish my skin tone can pull off that colour.

Along with that, I also just found out that Kim Soohyun has been appointed as the new ambassador for one of my favourite beauty brand, TheFaceShop!

I gotta admit, Kim Hyun Joong oppa has made me started to use the products from that brand but Kim Soohyun oppa definitely has made me keep on being a loyal customer. :) 
Good job, TheFaceShop! My purse is definitely crying soon with the launching of new skincare items for whitening soon. *wink*wink*

Other than that, it's been about 2 weeks since I'm using Laneige skincare products and so far it's been great. Though I did broke out few days after starting using it but when I asked the beauty adviser that I usually consult with and she said it's common especially when you're changing products. But thank goodness as I stopped breaking out within 3 to 4 days I think. hehe Which is why I can say all is good right now, well as for now. hehe

Another thing, did you guys noticed that almost every brand is promoting their sun care products right now? Well, Spring is here that's why. It's time to enjoy the sun, beautiful flowers and whatnot. 

Here's a photo my cousin sent me through her Instagram. Spring in South Korea. This is nearby her uni, Korea University. Pretty isn't it? 

Alright, I think that's all for now. Enjoy your week, okay!

Love, Mira

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