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Sunday 31 March 2024

We're just going to chill and do some grocery shopping so it's going to be indoor but a lot of walking as we really need to burn some sugar off my niece after 2 packs of marshmallows. 

I've started getting hijab prints from TudungPeople sometime around last year but I don't think the materials are working for me as I'm used to their satin silk and cotton crepe but I guess I'm just going to wear them a lot more before deciding whether to keep or give them away to my sisters who are fans of their prints. I'm opting for light to medium colours like the above to match with the rest of my clothes these days.

I also been carrying that UNIQLO bag a lot too as it's big enough to carry all my essentials in one-go but I only have one problem with it which is it keeps on sliding off my shoulder whenever I wear it on one side therefore need to be worn across my body instead and I don't prefer to wear my bag like that as it messes with my hijab. 

Anyway, I just realised it's suddenly the end of March and I still haven't started on my New Year resolutions yet. Wish me good luck!


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