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Sunday 29 September 2019

I guess the caption space for a single post on Instagram isn't much to begin with so that's why I'm going to keep updating my empties for sheet masks here. Anyway, for this quarter; July till this month of September, I've used a total of 66 sheet masks! Yay!

First thing first, let's go to sheet masks that I've used for morning skincare routine where I would prefer to use simple hydrating sheet masks and black charcoal sheet masks to help with moisture and sebum-control.

These are some basic My Real Squeeze Masks from Innisfree. There are 3 types; water-type, serum-type and cream type and I love the water-type the most as the thin sheet complements the essences in the so well. 

I bought the whole box for all 3 Oozoo Bear Masks from the brand The Oozoo. The essence is actually in the transparent bubble and needed to be popped into the masks and spread even before putting onto facial area. Unfortunately, i don't find these as hydrating as I'd expect them to be so after finishing them all hopefully next month, I won't be repurchasing them again.

I'm so impressed with these Annie's Way Secret Garden Masks. The sheet is charcoal black and helps with sebum controlling and purifying but these moisturise my skin so well afterwards. I do love them and definitely will be repurchasing some more.

Another charcoal black masks are those 3 from My Beauty Diary. I do love their black sheets as they adhere so well onto facial area. I love the Moisturising the most! I bought all those in whole box of 5 each and there are still some that left to be used. I've tried the cooling mask also from the brand but I think I got it from a friend and it's actually not available in Malaysia.

Next are these 2-step masks from common labs. I really like these as they moisturise so well  with ample of ampoules and essences especially Vitamin E that soothe my skin as well. I'll repurchase these from Althea soon.

Senka Malaysia sent these 3 sheet masks for review on Beauty Memo by Hermo and I'm so glad for discovering the supposedly new Soothing White! Although the brightened up effect lasts temporarily, the hydrating and soothing effect is very nice on skin so I recently bought a whole box of 7 from Sasa. 

Some random Taiwanese masks that were given to me; the HerbaLine mask that I got from local spa here in Kota Kinabalu. It's nice but just average to me. As for that Hey! Pinko Girl Triple HA Seaweed Collagen Moisturising Mask however is actually feels really good on skin but the ingredients are bit low in quality with different kinds of preservatives in it. That was the first Neogence mask that I've tried and the moisturising effect is actually quite good! Still got some more before repurchasing.

Now, let's go to sheet masks that I've used for my evening skincare routine!

Thanks to a fellow K-beauty skincare enthusiast, I've discovered these sheet masks from Wonjin Effect. These are probably the best ones I've tried in years since Mediheal and Leaders. the sheet adherence is amazing and the ampoules are great for my my currently dehydrated skin. Love them and I've already repurchased their whole boxes from local sheet mask reseller, Mask.Have.

I bought these Illiyoon; hanbang (oriental) brand from South Korea through an Instagram reseller and there are several variants that I've got but so far I like the Lotus and Cameliia ones the most but I don't think I'll be repurchasing again as it's quite expensive to be sourced from Seoul directly.

Of course, you would be seeing this coming! I really do like these Mediheal sheet masks and only have few left in my sheet mask stash. These work so well with my skin as they moisturise, brighten and soothe my skin so well! I'll repurchase when there's a sale in Sasa or Watsons.

 I've received a box of the moisturising anti-wrinkle sheet masks from HelloSkin and actually quite like it! The sheet adheres greatly on skin and the essence is very moisturising although the scent for these is quite overpowering. The brand is now available on so definitely do check them out!

You guys know this, my most prized sheet masks from B.Liv, bio-cellulose sheet masks that comes in 3 variants. These days I'm loving the Soothe Me Now the most but I'm down with the last couple of box of it and I'm sad that the brand is discontinuing this mask line. As for the regular sheet mask on the left, I'm still trying several other variants before reviewing them so do stay tuned.

Now as for these masks from SexyLook that I've got from fellow sheet mask addicts on Instagram are great in terms of result as they hydrate well but the one in black packaging however irritated my skin so bad I thought maybe the first one I've used a faulty one then decided to put on another that's when the irritation got worst and that's when both masks got thrown into the bin.

I've always been curious about the brand Acwell but after trying the sheet masks, I found these unimpressive at all so I no longer curious. I know the toner is raved a lot even on Instagram but I guess I'm gonna pass their masks.

 It's really hard but these sheet masks from Forencos are expiring next month so I've used up both masks and finally say goodbye to Song Joongki oppa but I guess, it's hard for Song Hyekyo unnie too. >.< The masks are great but it's goodbye now. haha so dramatic!

I'm sad that my favourite masks from THE FACE SHOP are being discontinued - those from Mask.Lab line as only the lifting ones that are available in the store right now. I still have a lot more of their basic Real Nature masks and am loving most of them especially that Calendula mask. 

The above is actually bunch of masks that I've got to try once and after only first try, i decided to purchase the whole box of that Shangpree mask. It's so soothing and the sheet is amazing, I'm telling you guys. I'd be repurchasing them again for sure!

What about you guys? have you tried sheet masking? Let me now in the comment box down below. I guess that's all of it and I'll be seeing you guys on my next post!

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