Event | Rejoice Launches New ‘Hijab Perfection Series’ As The Perfect Haircare Solution For Hijabistas This Ramadan

Friday 3 May 2019
I've got a last minute invitation few days ago so I've managed to go out of KL city today by taking LRT from KLCC to USJ and headed to the event space at MYDIN Mall Subang Jaya. I've arrived at the event like 2 hours earlier. Who's excited? Now, let's go to what went down at the event earlier today, shall we?

The New Formula, designed to keep Hair Clean and Fresh from Sahur to Break of Fast, Lands at MYDIN and retail stores nationwide.

‘Hijab’ is a religious and symbolic identity of majority of the women in Malaysia and Hijabers face unique hair concerns beneath the veil every day. To address these concerns, P&G Rejoice scientists have interviewed hundreds of consumers and found that there is a considerable increase in temperature and humidity in the head region under the veil versus outside in their recent study. According to the study, three main hair and scalp concerns for Hijabistas today are dandruff, malodor and tangled hair.

Mr. Sahil Sethi, Beauty Commercial Director for P&G Malaysia sharing his thoughts about the brand and the motivation behind the creation of the Hijab Perfection Series.

To counter this issue, Rejoice proudly unveiled its new collection of Shampoo and Conditioner ‘Hijab Perfection Series’ that comes with a breakthrough 3-in-1 formula at a media event on May 3 where the science behind the new Rejoice formulas was shared along with interactive science demonstrations by Dr Rebecca Kan, P&G Asia Pacific Haircare Scientific Communications. The new product solves 1) Dandruff problem with extra clean anti-dandruff properties 2) Heat & Malodor with extra cooling from Menthol and refreshing smell of Kasturi flower 3) Tangled hair by ensuring extra smoothness that lasts all day and hence is the right haircare solution for Hijabistas.

(from left to right) Mr. Sahil Sethi, Beauty Commercial Director for P&G Malaysia; Elfira Loy; Datuk Wira (Dr) Haji Ameer Ali Bin Mydin, Marketing Director of Mydin Mohamed Holding Bhd.; Kok How Goh, National Sales Manager of P&G Malaysia during the official launch of Rejoice Hijab Perfection Series.

“I have been the face of Rejoice brand in early stages of my career and was also popularly known as ‘Rejoice Gadis Bertudung Hijau’. I am extremely delighted to partner with Rejoice again to be part of the launch of the new Rejoice Hijab Perfection Series. I am thrilled with how this new product keeps my hair cool and fresh throughout the day. I am also in love with the youthful packaging design that completely symbolizes a modern day Hijabista like me. I would definitely recommend the new Rejoice to all my fellow Hijabistas in Malaysia this Ramadan” said Elfira Loy, Popular Malaysian Actress and Entrepreneur after she unveiled the new range.

(second from left to right) Mr. Sahil Sethi, Beauty Care Commercial Director, P&G Malaysia, Elfira Loy, and Dr Rebecca Kan, Principal Scientist for P&G Asia Pacific Haircare sharing their thoughts on the new offerings from Rejoice at the talk show.

“With Rejoice’ s new ‘Hijab Perfection Series’ of shampoos and conditioners, MYDIN customers can now look forward to an innovative formulation that can finally give them the solution for perfect hair under Hijab. With a breakthrough formula and new age innovative packaging, we anticipate a positive response from our customers with the launch of the new series by Rejoice,” said Datin Wira Dr Hjh Siti Hawa Mohd, Director of Mydin Mohamed Holdings Bhd.

Dr Rebecca Kan, Principal Scientist for P&G Asia Pacific Haircare sharing the breakthrough innovation with a live demonstration of how Rejoice Hijab Perfection Series works.

“Rejoice has always been a brand of firsts by launching First ever 2-in-1 shampoo, First ever Cosmetic Anti Dandruff shampoo and also the First ever Hot Oil shampoo. It has always defined the benchmark for superior smoothness and has been one of most loved haircare brands in Malaysia. Continuing our innovation streak, we launch our new ‘Hijab Perfection Series’ that tackles Dandruff, Heat & Malodor and tangled hair all at one go making it the Perfect Solution for Hijabistas this Ramadan” said Mr. Sahil Sethi, Beauty Care Commercial Director of P&G Malaysia.

Elfira Loy posing with the newly launched Hijab Perfection 3-in-1 Perfect Cool Shampoo and Conditioner from Rejoice.

Rejoice Hijab Perfection Series is available in two variants for Shampoo, 3-in-1 Perfect Cool (for stronger cooling and ultimate freshness effect) and Perfect Perfume (for long lasting scent intensity). The shampoo variants are complemented by 3-in-1 Perfect Conditioner for smooth and conditioned hair with lightweight feel. This conditioner can be paired with both variants of the 3-in-1 Perfect Series shampoos.

Rejoice ‘Hijab Perfection Series’ shampoo and conditioner are available in three different sizes with 170ml, 340ml and 600ml. This new range of products is available across MYDIN and all other major customers nationwide.

I guess that's all from me and make sure to check out my posts on Instagram about the activities held at the event (hint: photobooth and DIY terrarium!). I'll be seeing you guys on my next post! Take care!

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Rejoice Malaysia
Rejoice, one of the most popular haircare brands across the globe, includes multiple collections to help provide women with superior smoothness & other cosmetic benefits for their beautiful hair. The current Rejoice offerings include: 3-in-1 Anti Dandruff, Rich, Anti Hair fall, Anti Frizz, Perfume Smooth, Perfume Fresh, Micellar Airy Volume and Micellar Oil Removal. Rejoice Hijab Perfection Series offerings include: 3-in-1 Perfect Cool, 3-in-1 Perfect Perfume and 3-in-1 Perfect Conditioner. Powered by decades of experience of 100+ scientists, Rejoice’ Superior Formula works inside and out for beautiful hair with long lasting smoothness.

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