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Tuesday 30 April 2019

Here we are at the party! Well, technically I literally just finished posting the 'Nine' i.e. the nine Instagram posts that all of us agreed to publish as show of support towards sponsors and of course, the community so tonight I'm going to talk about what went down on last Saturday but first thing first, in case you're wondering why my InstaStory background was still at the capital city just now it is because I AM STILL IN THE CITY but more on that later.

Now, let's talk about the venue!

I've got to say that the event space is actually quite nice; the whole garden, floral decorations, balloons and with the industrial vibe in the background, now that is an avant-garde event space so yes, I'm loving the whole concept! The theme colour for our attires are white and pastels so everything just tied together.

I have to say though, the space was a bit crowded for 100 people especially with more than half of us were wearing long dresses. I was wearing pants but I haven't alter them so. 



The moment I arrived at my table, there's a box of Yves Rocher goodies, cupcake, super cute pink balloons with little butterflies on it, macaroon and small gift box were waiting at my seat and those just excite me because I wasn't expecting anything, really! Good thing they prepared a paper bag for me to bring the stuffs home as my handbag was already full with I don't even remember what! lol


In my 30 years of life, I've only ate macaroon once at Christmas dinner and that was it! It's too sweet in general but I'm glad this one that we've got from @macarons.bymadeleine  was not as sweet as I'd expect it be so that was pleasant to my taste.

We have all received a small gift from The Butterfly Project; that pink heart necklace that is too cute not to be worn! Thank you, Tammy! Each of us was given that pink flower balloon that I wanted to bring home so bad with me!


Talk about food, all of us butterflies were served with array of bite-sized delicacies! For the main course, we were served with pasta salad with mix nuts and roasted chicken. I've got to say that I just love that it goes with the mint lemonade!


As for desserts, we got the mini fruit tart, lemon curd cake slices, one of my all-time fave; fruit pavlova and the cutest Butterfly Cream Cupcake Swirl with butterflies fondant! Overall, it was nice and I do appreciate the food being served in mini portions for early evening event as I was in between meal times and I just love the spread with flowers all over; spring and flirty, indeed! There were also mini burgers, mini pies, assorted mini sandwiches and dim sum, siew mai even mini pao filled with black pepper chicken for appetizers. Thank you so much to Ms. Lydia @jomparty for the lovely spread! 😍😍😍 Such a pleasure of meeting you too!

Ah, just look at the cute cupcake! We even sang happy birthday song at the beginning of the event! Again, happy 6th birthday The Butterfly Project!

I may not be familiar with much of local Malaysian comedy scene but who's to say I can't enjoy Joanne Kam witty jokes! All of us definitely cracked up; even saw some fell of their chair! lol Definitely can say that we're all enjoying ourselves!


From the event space, selfie garden all the way to making our own flower crown during the workshop, @avantgardeblooms have truly brightens up our day with beautiful and crafty floral decorations!


From beautiful roses to daisies all the way to baby's breaths, I just love finding myself among all these flowers! Although the flower crown-making was kind of short, it was very much fun as I love arranging the flowers! I really wish I can bring home some of them!

Are you a coffee or tea person? I'm a little bit of both as I usually drink my coffee in the morning and tea in the evening so it was such a pleasure I've had at @tsticksmy sampling booth while at the party as it was indeed my tea time and their teas are so nice! Can I say the packaging is genius by the way?

Special for this Mother's Day, you can preorder the lovely Gift Box containing a preserved mini bouquet, mixed flavours of T-Sticks, a bottle of honey with honey stick and a 'Pop Me' balloon with a little surprise inside! Check out their Instagram for more info!


As you can see above, there are several variants of tea that you can choose from! Comes in 15 sachets per box.

I've tried their Perfectly Peach Tea and I've got hooked instantly. As I've always been a fan of Earl's Grey, this tea tastes so mildly refreshing which is perfect for winding down after a long day at work.


What's a birthday party without some balloons! Especially these super cute balloons from @theblossomballoons with some tied on our chairs and there are also big balloons around the event space. I've enjoyed myself so much at the Selfie Garden and there's the handmade birthday gift from them to us Butterflies; the cutest pink paper flower with a small balloon on a stick plus there's a cute paper butterflies attached on it! I really do appreciate when things given to me are handmade; with all the love and care.


You might know this but I usually feature Korean beauty products but not today as I've discovered a French beauty brand that I've only heard or seen about it; @yvesrochermy! What a wonderful coincidence that we Butterflies at The Butterfly Project are also celebrating our 6th birthday while the brand is celebrating theirs at 60! With that mentioned, I'd like to wish the happiest 60th birthday to Yves Rocher Malaysia and whether you're already a fan of their products or you would like to try their green beauty products, here's your chance to grab some!

Make sure you're following me on my Instagram and @yvesrochermy from now till 12th May; you can show your support towards the brand by getting your daily skin, body, hair even fragrance necessities and enjoy 50% off your transaction! Only at Mid Valley, Sunway Pyramid and IOI City Mall Outlets. Just show my Instagram post to enjoy the discount!

Wow. I'm guessing this is the longest blog post yet so before I'm wrapping things up here, I just want to show you guys some of the beautiful people I've had the chance to meet and became friends with!


From left, yours truly, Lydia @lydia.share, Amanda @honeybeesnaily, Caroline @mask.matters and Aina @skinbaemy


Again with Aina and Cindyrina @cindyreena


With Sylvia @sylliepie and Ashley @ashleysmq

Again with the one and only, Caroline @mask.matters !

Finally meet one of my most inspiring KL-based influencer, Eros @fishmeatdie!

Of course, it was all thanks to our Tammy aka The Butterfly Project's Mamasan @hellotammylim Without this woman, I won't even think about joining the blogger/social media community. Thank you! Thank you! Thank you! For your and the team's hard work!

Frankly, I'm still feeling overwhelmed after going through so many interesting happenings within the past 4 days! I'm going to take a shower now and oh! My! God! I didn't fly back to KK this morning and yes, I'm still in the capital city, gratefully staying with a friend after failing to secure an airbndb; just for tonight though as I've received invitations to 2 upcoming events by Guardian Malaysia and Rejoice Malaysia so I have decided to extend my staycation until this weekend! Plus, my parents will be flying in tomorrow's evening so I'll be staying with them so yes! I am so excited and I will definitely be updating you guys on that later. 

So I guess that's all of it! I'll be seeing you guys on my next post! Annyeong~

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