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Friday 29 September 2017
Which sheet mask is the best that you've tried in the whole of your skincare journey? Mine is right here. It's moisturising, brightening, smoothening and so much more! Oh, well! I guess I just gave it all away. Still, if you want to know more about these sheet masks that I'm talking about, just keep on reading!

Few weeks ago, b.liv Malaysia team had sent me these 3 babies for my skin to try and I am in love with all of them! As I mentioned in my blogger mail unboxing post previously, there are 3 variants for this Nano Bio-Cellulose mask line; Soothe Me Now, Hydrate Away and Age Eraser. 

First, let's talk about the sheet for this mask. This nano-scaled fibre structure sheet that hugs my facial area so nice like a teddy bear. I'm not kidding! The adherence to skin is so strong that even when I'm walking or sitting on a chair, the sheet slips so slightly down but still, for the best and utmost result, I'd recommend for you to lay down and let the mask do the work. 

Every sheet comes with a plastic cover which I'm going to suggest for you to remove this first, put on the mask, adjust accordingly and then remove that perforated veil. I'd try it the other way but it's hard adjusting the sheet under that plastic film. 

Let's talk about the most important part when it comes to sheet mask; the key active ingredients. All variants have 3 key active ingredients in each of them but all 3 have the same 1 important ingredient and that is Hyaluronic Acid which you guys know that it holds water in the skin to keep collagen hydrated and promotes youthful look. 

Now, let's go to what sets one sheet mask to another by going in more details. As I only got one piece per variant (you'll get 4 if you were to get one box), I started my journey towards a better and healthier looking skin with a variant that helps with my irritated skin due to using so much makeup especially the past month. I got myself a new eyeshadow palette! That's why!

|||     Soothe Me Now     |||

Coral colour seems to be used a lot with calming skincare products these days. Don't you think?

If you're looking for a variant of sheet mask that soothe, repair and rejuvenate your skin, this might be the one for you. The other 2 key ingredients for this variant is Organic Immortelle Flower Extract that is rich with restorative properties and Acetyl Tetrapeptide-15; a soothing peptide that increases skin tolerance and provides soothing effect to reduce the discomfort feeling on skin. 

After using the sheet mask for about 20 minutes, it feels like the sheet was still wet with essence so I decided to use it for another 10 minutes before taking it off. There are ample of essence left in the packet so I decided to apply it more on my neck area as that's where I'm most sensitive. There was a cooling sensation throughout the minutes I had this on my face and after using it, my skin feels way better as it is more hydrated than before (I'm going to admit that I actually just started using a cleanser that basically just dries out my face so much and I've been doing the 7-skin method religiously but that surely is still not enough!) and I was actually kind of surprised that my skin felt matte and not sticky at all even after all that thick essence. I actually used this mask at night and when I woke up the next morning, my skin was still felt smooth and my makeup lasts way longer than usual. 

|||     Hydrate Away     |||

Of course, blue is so commonly used for hydrating skincare products.

I gave myself 2 days after I tried the first one and went on trying this variant as again, my skin felt less hydrated with all the makeup practice I've been doing hence multiple times of using cleansing waters and foams that are just not making my skin happy. This variant definitely came to the rescue with its 2 key ingredients; Organic Algae, a deep sea microalgae extract laden with minerals and amino acids that helps to even out skin tone, clarifies and repairs the skin, and another is Rice Extract that is also rich in amino acids and pro-vitamin B5 which keeps hold of water molecules therefore contributing to the constant moisturisation of the skin. 

At this point, I already know what I was going to get with this variant so I decided to use it in the morning (woke up real early that day as I wanted to keep this at least 30 minutes on my skin) and I was right. As this mask moisturises my skin really well, my makeup glided on so smooth and it did lasted throughout my working hours and I didn't even see the usual shine on my T-zone midday. I'd say this is the one if you're looking for a good mask before important event when you need to stay less cautious about your makeup like during your best friend wedding, for an example. 

|||     Age Eraser     |||

Almost golden brown in colour for this anti-ageing variant. 

Finally, I'd spare the variant that I anticipated the most from this mask line for the last as I just want to seal this whole experience using these sheet masks with a youth-preserving mask that can help skin looking firm, reduced appearances of fine line and wrinkle especially at my under-eye area while preventing premature skin ageing

The other 2 key ingredients are these anti-ageing peptides, Palmitoyl Hexapeptide-12 Palmitoyl that acts like Botox which relaxes visible tension lines; minimises long term formation of fine lines and wrinkles and another is Tetrapeptide-7 that soothes and protects skin against oxidative stress, UV light and environmental pollution. Ugh, the triplets of my nightmares ever since I entered the last year of my 20s. 

I'm going to say outright that at this point of trying out this third mask, all of them pretty much do what they claim to be but I personally think that I love this variant more than the other two. Not only it moisturises my skin so well, it also makes it appear brighter compared to prior using it. I don't see any brightening ingredient that I'm familiar with in the ingredient list so I'm guessing it's true when our skin are filled with ample of moisture, it'll appear brighter than usual. My skin was feeling soft and smooth as if i just had a facial at spa or even better, pores treatment session. I think this is the star variant for me. 

Overall, I am loving this sheet mask line from b.liv Malaysia. Each of it offers slightly different benefit when compared but all of them are great sheet masks.

Final verdict: 5/5. 100% repurchase material to me. You can get these babies for yourself from the nearest Sa Sa Malaysia outlet to you or you can just simply ordered them online. Each variant is retailing at RM129 per box of 4 sheet masks so that's actually enough for a once a week session or you could get 2 variants (or all 3!) and do twice a week as recommended for best results. 

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