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Monday 1 May 2017
This is not a skincare related post (I have a personal blog for that, don't you worry) as this is the beginning of a series of posts where I'll be talking about a woman in her mid thirties who never knew about the revolution of acne patches and the magic of sheet masks.

Let's begin the story.

As of this month of May, a colleague of mine decided to stay with me and the reason why she gave up her place which literally 30 steps away from our office is because the building is having a major renovation. With all the noise throughout the day and night, her panda eyes is less than a concern compared to the hygiene and security issues with third of the building had been teared open.

With that, after leaving my university days for more than 3 years, I'm having a roommate again. Is that bad? Of course, not. I'm helping a friend in distress. But it's funny to me as not only we have kind of huge gap in age, nothing in common whatsoever, little did she know how much or more specifically; how big my passion towards beauty and how beauty affected my life in general?

Hence, we started our journey of becoming roommates by rearranging the stuffs in my room to make space for her and at some point I began to realise that I literally display like 90% of all my stuffs on the floor, tables and I actually have stuffs hanging on every nail stucked on the walls. 

myra, what are those boxes for?

Of course, I keep all the boxes from my Althea Korea purchases and more boxes from other online beauty stores under the table.

I'm building a tower.

Later, I decided to get shelves and containers to place my stuffs in and those boxes? Sitting just outside my room. 

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