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Friday 10 June 2016
Of course, it's summer right now but here in Malaysia it's always hot and humid so for most of the time during the day, I will go to at least one item in my skincare routine that has sebum-controlling properties but as I'm taking a break from my usual brightening skincare lines  - Laneige White Plus Renew, I'm on this simple 3-step sebum-controlling skincare line from one of my favourite K-beauty brand of all time, TheFaceShop. 

As you know, Korean skincare routine consists of at least 8 to 10 products and that's true for my night routine but in the morning, I tend to cut down my routine as I don't have much time to wait in between product applications as I still need to apply my makeup after.

So that's how I decided to try this skincare line as all I want for my skin during the day is for it to stay matte or shine-free so my makeup lasts longer and I don't have to blot my T-zone every hour. 

The first item I got from this sebum-controlling Chia Seed Fresh line is the foam cleanser. There are Cleansing Water and Bubble foam plus other makeup removers from the same line but I got those covered already so I started with just this cleanser. 

Product Description:

Foam Cleanser that deeply cleanser your pores.

Capacity: 150ml.


The cleanser comes in a regular plastic tube like that and the theme colour used for this cleansing line is cream and dark turquoise. 

There's manufacturing date printed at the top of the tube. 

There's English and French product description printed at the lower back of the tube plus the ingredients list. 


The product is sealed before open so the freshness of the product is maintained throughout its shelf-life. 



Left: That's the usual pea-sized amount that I use. Right: To me it's creamy and has slight sheen to it. I love the fresh scent especially in the morning~

Add some water to foam it and massage your skin well for few minutes. Then just rinse off with cool or lukewarm water. I really love the feeling on my skin after every wash as it's really soft to touch. I don't feel tight or anything so that's a good sign. 

It cleanse well in the morning and in the evening too. To me it's a simple cleanser, it does its job and doesn't dry out my skin after wash so I don't have to place my toner in my bathroom shelf. I can feel there's slight scrub feeling to it which can exfoliate dead skin cells and I do love that quality in my evening foam cleanser. 

Looking at the small amount I need for each wash, I guess a little goes a long way. It's 150ml in size so it's gonna finish in like 3 to 4 months even if I were to use it everyday. 

Final verdict: 5/5. Got nothing to complain about. I love it and this is the second cleanser from the brand that I definitely come back to if I don't have any other cleanser to try next. 

I got this from local TheFaceShop store here in Malaysia but you can get from their online store (non-affiliate) as well at RM38.90. I do notice there's price difference in store (bit more expensive) and online so choose one that's convenient for you.

What do you think of the cleanser? Have you tried similar cleanser from K-beauty brand? Let me know if the comment section. 

Until next post, annyeong~

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