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Thursday 5 May 2016
If there's one thing that you'll find in any Korean beauty enthusiast's bag, it's definitely a facial mist. As I'm definitely into anything towards that healthy looking skin that Korean women are known for, adapting this habit is a huge welcome. 

If you didn't know (I rather doubt it), a facial mist is a water-based product that usually infused with beneficial ingredients or based on formulation targeting skin issues like lack of moisture. Having this kind of product on hand means you can instantly regain moisture for your skin anytime, anywhere. 

I got into buying facial mists when I travelled a lot last year as the air within flights can be drying and having to put on sheet mask while aboard wasn't an option for me. As I was looking for a solution while I was in Innisfree store, I saw these babies and it's really great as the product comes in 2 sizes - a full-sized and a mini sized. As I know I can't ask a friend of mine to buy this and have it shipped via local postage, I grabbed 4 cans at one go. 
Product Description:

Jeju green tea squeeze that is sourced from fresh organic green tea is rich in amino acid and minerals. 
It fills the skin with moisture and forms a moisture barrier to help the skin retain moisture. 
It is a facial mist that instantly provides moisture and soothes skin that has been overly exposed to sunlight.

Capacity: 50ml



As you can see, the product is canned in that mini spray bottle. It's quite small and easily slipped into the side of my bag. The illustration is truly simple with mere product name and short description. I honestly love Innisfree packaging. 

Products sold in local Innisfree store in KL are usually re-labelled (is that right??) with that brown sticker and all information are printed in English. Truly convenient. 


Do note that for products with cap and not wrapped with plastic, they are usually sealed with Innisfree sticker like that. 

The nozzle for this spray is like any regular facial mist but mum bought a full-sized with a micro nozzle which sprayed on finely mist.


The mist is watery and kind of white but when sprayed onto skin, it's transparent. I feel instantly moisturised and I just love that fresh green tea scent. 

Overall, it's truly simple but quite beneficial product to have on hand and I actually have separate bottles in my bag, on my office desk and here at my working/blogging table. Whenever I felt the need to refresh myself, I just spray this on. 

Final verdict: 5/5. One bottle is retailed at RM20 at local Innisfree store. I love everything about the product and definitely will be repurchasing this next time I'm in KL. 

I guess that's all from me. Let me know if you have been into facial mists as well by leaving comments down below.

Until next post, annyeong~
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