Bro's Review | L'Oreal MenExpert BB Moisturizing Gel Instant Skin Fixer

Sunday 8 June 2014
Hello, people! How's your week so far? Excited for upcoming weekend? First of all, no... there's no mistake with the title of this post. Indeed this is a review for men out there, or girls who are looking for something for their guys. 

Let me introduce you to this product that I'm going to review today, it's the BB Moisturizing Gel from L'Oreal MenExpert. 

Recently, I noticed that guys are a little bit more opened about skincare products compared to years ago. Even when I opened my Instagram, clicking on hashtags for cosmetics and skincare products, I noticed there a lot of guys out there posted their photos with products they're trying out. For guys in my family, there's only one thing that they care about which is simplicity. Cleansing foam is essential but for moisturizer... it's more like an option. 

As you may already know, there are 3 common skin problems that men (well, us ladies as well..) are dullness, blemishes and dark spots. While trying our best to work our skincare into our skin to improve its condition, it's important to look good on the outside at the same time as well. 

So for most guys out there that choose simplicity when it comes to their essentials, this product offers skincare benefits i.e. moisturizer at the same time works as a cosmetic product that'll improve your looks on the outside as well. 


This product comes with its own box that basically filled with product info at every side of it. The whole design of the packaging basically says few things like elegant, suave and sporty. Black, silver and electric blue, yeah. 

As it says above, this product claims:
  • Skin Correction: Brighten up, conceal spots and acne marks, refined pores
  • Energy Infusion: Energize and hydrate your skin all day, plus oil control


On the left is the ingredient list, there's Ascorbyl Glucoside i.e Vitamin C, and Camellia Sinensis i.e. Green Tea Extract. 

The product is housed within this black tube and silver-coloured twist cap. There's a simplified product info on the back side as well. 


Testing the product! I'm just gonna test on my hand first to see how it works. 


As you can see on the first photo on the left, generally the product is actually gel-like with beads in it. According to the L'Oreal, the gel which is the Icy Gel Moisturizer, is infused with Vitamin C and Green Tea Extract, with BB Finish's micronized beads of pigments that instantly cool, correct and brighten up your skin. On the second and third photo, when I started to blend it onto my skin, the pigments started to form below, as you can see, it totally give that healthy look on skin as it evens out the skin tone. 

So what are the guys are saying about this product?
  • Cool sensation. As Malaysia is a tropical country, products with cooling sensation are blessing indeed. Though it doesn't last not even 10 minutes, it's still fun.
  • As this product contains fragrance, indeed it smells like men perfume. But it's not overpowering and the scent dissipates after few minutes.
  • Hydrating feature. As this product contains 80% water, it hydrates the skin quite well, hence giving the oil control as well.
  • The improved skin looks as this product evens out and brightens up the skin tone at the same time. But as for the coverage, even myself have to agree that this product gives more like light to medium coverage. So I think it suits the need for guys that want that natural or no-makeup looks.
  • So all in all, this product is perfect for guys that want a simple product that not only can moisturize their skin but also can help in improving their skin tone in one simple step.
  • For a 50ml product, the price of RM35+ (I saw it in Guardian KLCC so I'm pretty sure it's available in other drugstores) is affordable. This product can last up to 3 months even if you're using it every single day. 

For me, I honestly do think that this is quite a revolutionary product for guys. One would expect that as this is a BB product, it should have SPF but for me, I would prefer to have separate product for sun protection. So for this product, it's better to use sunscreen before applying it on your skin. 

As this has colours i.e. pigments in it, I would recommend for you guys to use proper makeup remover for double cleansing or just one-step cleansing foam that usually a more powerful cleanser than normal cleansing foam. The microbeads really reminds me of those red and yellow capsule in my CC Cream. Totally love it. 

So I guess that's all from me. Phew! Reviewing this product is totally a new experience for me. What do you think of this product? To girls out there, would you recommend this product to your guy? Tell me what do you think by leaving comments below!

See you guys next post!

Disclaimer: The product was provided for review purposes but all my opinions stated here are my own based on my personal experience using the above product.
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